Concept and text Can Dündar Speaker Aysima Ergün Virtual Reality Joris Demnard, Manuel Farre (Ikonospace) Dramaturgy Yunus Ersoy Production management Alexa Gräfe

SİLİVRİ MÜZESİ (2023) takes its title from the utopian hope that, in the 100th year of the Republic of Turkey, the “world’s largest prison for journalists” (Can Dündar) will have turned into a museum. In virtual reality, however, the museum is already open and allows visitors to enter various places, such as an individual prison cell or the room from which prisoners must all too often participate in their trials merely through video. This additional module expands the SİLİVRİ. prison of thought and museum of small things installations in a thrillingly restrictive way, leaving visitors with the burdensome hope that creativity remains, even in prison, a constant source of resistance.

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