’61–’91–’21: Immer wieder Deutschland

Framework programme for »Offener Prozess«

10 years after the NSU was exposed, the labour recruitment agreement between Germany and Turkey celebrates its 60th anniversary. In retrospect, recent German history reveals itself to be an often-deadly collective search for how production should be organised and who is part of the population. While government agencies and the political sphere have left those affected to fend for themselves, artistic and activist ways of reappraising, processing and dealing with it have been established in associations, pop culture, theatre and academia. This event series opens the stage to knowledge situated in the immigrant experience and art that is shaped by it.

Curation Yunus Ersoy Collaboration Curation Edona Kryeziu Set design Jeeyoung Shin Artistic production management Lucia Leyser, Johanna von Rigal, René Dombrowski Dramaturgy Assistance Ivo Dreger Technical direction Etienne Arnaud Curatorial consultation Kein Schlussstrich! – Bundesweites Theaterprojekt zum NSU-Komplex

To the exhibition »Offener Prozess«

»The violence after the violence«. The curators Ayşe Güleç and Tunçay Kulaoğlu in conversation, in Gorki season brochure #23 (p. 22)

Recordings of the events


»Ich bin auch da«

Laboratorien des Postmigrantischen

Transgenerational Belonging



Rat für Desintegration

Our Legacy

Benİm Adım Yabancı / Mein Name ist Ausländer

Rap, (post-migrantisches Leben und Deutschland)

’61–’91–’21: Immer wieder Deutschland is funded by the Region of Berlin, Senate Department for Culture and Europe