Rewitching at the Goddess Temple

After marching with Palestinian and Israeli women for peace and creating »Prayer Of The Mothers«, the anthem that carried her through rivers of women marches all over the world, Yael is ready to share the songs of upcoming album, created to give new music to the organic global women’s movement. Yael will share her stories and insights about the importance of bringing healing into a space of activism, in order to create real change, through a magical journey of emancipating music and ceremony.

Yael Deckelbaum, is an award- winning Israeli/Canadian singer/songwriter and activist. As a musical activist, Yael has recently led various women’s marches in over 10 different countries and performed all over the world. Yael is also known as a founding member of the legendary all female trio Habanot Nechama.

Theatre shaman and Gorki resident director Yael Ronen, together with many guests, invites to establish the culture of the postpatriarchy. The first day, »Remember«, is to remind of lost knowledge. »Reclaim«, the second day, practices re-appropriation as empowerment. On the third day, »Recreate«, young activists create visions for an alternative future. The complete program can be found here.


Limited seats
04/November, 20:30 – 21:30
This event is free of charge.