Huang Ding-Yun

Huang Ding-Yun is one of the co-founders of Taipei-based multi-creator collective, Co-Coism. Co-coism aims at work-in-collective, site-responding and interdisciplinary practices. They focus on creating a flexible relationship between the audience and the performers. Furthermore, Ding-Yun is interested and active in the LGBTQ communitiy, exploring how to arrange projects in a queer methodology.

He shares thoughts on seeing a theater or a performance space as a ‘meeting point’ to invite people to come together at a certain time and space. If the ‘meeting’ reason is not just the creation by the artist, what are the possible extended meanings? As the people get into this ‘meeting point’, they suddenly ‘play’ as in a temporary community. Why do they identify themselves as a community? What is actually activated within such a community?