Banu Cennetoğlu



Installation, 2019

23 letters made of helium ballons form the phrase of the French psychoanalyst and ethnologist Octave Mannoni »Ich weiss zwar, aber dennoch« (»I know, but nevertheless«). The site-specific intervention from Banu Cennetoğlu marks the discrepancy between the recognition of the existing social circumstances, the urge to change them, and the consequent experience of query and hesitation. The balloons are set up without any support structure. When, over the course of the exhibition, they lose helium, the chain of letters starts to fall apart, denoting the fragile bond between language and reality.

H O W B E I T • Guilty feet have got no rhythm • Keçiboynuzu • AS IS • MurMur • I measure every grief I meet • Taq u Raq • A piercing Comfort it affords • Stitch • Made in Fall • Yes. But. We had a golden heart. • One day soon I’m gonna tell the moon about the crying game,

Video, Bilder, Sound: 22 Teile 46.685 Dateien
Metadata: 640 Seiten Druckerzeugnis, 2018

With H O W B E I T Banu Cennetoğlu offers an in-depth look into her digital archive – beginning on June 10th 2006 and lasting until March 21st 2018. In chronological order, the work shows 127 hours, 14 minutes and 44 seconds of unedited footage from the artist’s mobile phones, computers, cameras and external hard drives. This epic project starts with Cennetoğlu’s public circulation of UNITED for Intercultural Action’s List – a growing document that traces information related to the deaths of people, within or on the borders of Europe since 1993 – until the production deadline for the work’s premiere in 2018, which coincided with Nowruz, the Persian new year.

Banu Cennetoğlu lives and works in Istanbul. Her work, that explores the political, social and cultural dimension of the production, representation and distribution of knowledge has been the subject of solo exhibitions,exhibitions, among others K21 (2019) and Sculpture Center (2019). Her work has been shown internationally, among others documenta 14 (2017). Participation at 3. Berliner Herbstsalon.