Aziz Sohail

Aziz Sohail is an art curator, writer and researcher. His curatorial practice promotes under-researched histories and builds connections between art, history, fiction, theory and biography. His current research focus lies on the intersections of sexuality and colonialism with migration, law and identity, particularly for individuals from the Global South as they navigate empire(s) and its afterlives. Sohail is currently an MFA Candidate in Art (Critical and Curatorial Studies) at the University of California, Irvine.

He presents a multimedia performance lecture In Search of Baba Singh, created in collaboration with Gazelle Samizay. The life of Baba Singh, a labourer from India arrested in California in 1914 for ‘crimes against nature’ is combined with fiction and autobiography to remember and make visible forgotten and wasted lives on the wrong side of history.

Photo: Naiza Khan