You Are Not the Hero of this Story

»Today everything that men do, say, feel or think is wrong – because they belong to the wrong sex« Jens Jessen on the #metoo debate

While searching for the main and supporting roles in the drama between the sexes, director Suna Gürler, author Lucien Haug and five actors, including some from the Exil Ensemble, return to the origin of narrative:

Adam, the first, the protagonist par excellence, enters. Everything he does attracts attention. He would like to resist being the sufferer and cause of everything. But what does this original image of a man have to do with the characters we encounter today? To investigate this topic, the team interviews real men, posing questions about their expectations, fears and hopes.

While many men welcome an open discussion about gender roles, some opinion makers have labelled #MeToo a witch hunt against men. Most men remain silent, even though it’s also about them. Do they, just this once, not want to play the story’s leading role? Who is actually seen and heard? Who speaks for whom? Who is the victim and who the perpetrator? And who is neither of those?

Photo: Foto Esra Rotthoff


15/November, 20:30 – 21:45 Tickets