Frauen der Unterwelt. Sieben hysterische Akte


They were wilful and vulnerable. They rebelled against their fates and against the narrow boundaries that were set for them. They became ill because they suffered from violence, discrimination or poverty – and, in the former Pirna-Sonnenstein mental hospital, they were gassed. This play traces the biographies of seven powerful women and girls, whose stories, as victims of the so-called medical murders committed by the Nazis, were concealed for decades. A female/queer ensemble brings the past into the present and opens up a new perspective on »the hysterical woman«: In front of a background of growing chauvinism, she appears here as the true pioneer: funny, communicative, energetic and non-conformist.

*A project by Tine Rahel Völcker in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Premiere on 07.12.2019 am Ballhaus Ost. Additional performances: 08.12.19, 16./17./18./19.01.2020. The project is funded by the Berlin Senate's individual project funding, the Heinz und Heide Dürr Stiftung, the Rudolf Augstein Stiftung, the Pankow district office and the Maxim Gorki Theatre's Herbstsalon.**


12/November, 18:00
This event is free of charge.