Black Magic Mini Ball


Voguing, commercially known through Madonna's ‘Vogue’ or recent artists like Rihanna and Beyoncè, is a dance style which has been developed in the 1960’s within the Black, Latinx and Gay Ballroom Scene of Harlem/New York. Deeply rooted in New York's LGBT community, Voguing took a journey through underground clubs in the U.S. and Europe and developed its own Ballroom Scene. Voguing is inspired by the fashion magazine Vogue, its model- like poses and the High Fashion Runway Walk. With the styles Old Way, New Way and Vogue Fem this dance combines masculine poses from Breakdance and Martial Arts, feminine posing and gestures as well as very flexible poses and the hitting of angels, boxes and lines with the body/arms on beat.

The Theme for all the Categories of the first Voguing Ball at Gorki presented by LaQuéfa Saint Laurent is »Black Magic«. We want to celebrate the power of being special, going against societal norms, being smart, being extravagant and being different to the masses. Be inspired by Black Magic.

»Rewitching Europe« deals with the witch hunts in Europe as a central turning point in history: when Europe destroyed its connection to indigenous knowledge and indigenous culture, and patriarchy, colonialism and capitalism violently established their dominance.

Photo: Orazio Sagone, OSM studio Photography Filmmaking


Black Magic Mini Ball
02/November, 22:30 Tickets