De-heimatize Belonging

7 PM
by Prof. Dr. Bilgin Ayata

Afterwards discussion with Prof. Dr. Naika Foroutan

Prof. Dr. Bilgin Ayata will open the discursive intervention against the reactionary use of the term »Heimat« (homeland) in the political discourse in Germany. In her keynote De-heimatize Belonging, the historical and contemporary notions of the yet again fashionable term »Heimat« will be elucidated. The term with its affective notion was of importance for the justification of Germany´s colonial and racist history of violence, as well as it is related to current border politics and the exclusion of the dispossessed and disenfranchised. Therefore, the term is irredeemable and calls for conceiving of other affiliations. The keynote will be followed by a discussion with Prof. Dr. Naika Foroutan.

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