Sibylle Berg


Hass Tryptichon – Wege aus der Krise

Play, 2019

They live in digital isolation on a road that feeds into the motorway, painstakingly kept in form with clothes off the rack. They don't have much to say to themselves or to others, their memories aren't worth mentioning, the future certainly isn't either, and all conversations with the children, cats, neighbours were broken off long ago. The homo europaeus of all genders and ages in Sibylle Berg's new play have gotten snagged in a queue of automatic replies to the search for meaning. But there are ways out of the crisis! Berg puts a society in psycho-tectonic precariousness on her therapist's couch. His name is “Hassmaster” and, in three lyrical flaps of a wing, he leads his patients from analysing misery through recognising anger to resolving all problems. In a co-production with the Wiener Festwochen, Ersan Mondtag stages Berg's vicious farce as a Singspiel with music composed by Beni Brachtel and Benny Claessens as the dark angel of group therapy.

In Co-production with the Wiener Festwochen

Sibylle Berg works as an author and lives in Zurich. Her dramas and prose have been internationally acclaimed and translated many times. Co-produced by the Wiener Festwochen, Hass-Triptychon—Wege aus der Krise. Eine Therapie in drei Flügeln will premiere at Maxim Gorki Theatre as part of the 4. Berliner Herbstsalon. For this play, Sibylle Berg was honored with the Nestroy Prize in 2019.