Liene Jurgelāne

Liene Jurgelāne is a facilitator, educator and a becoming anthropologist. She is curating workshops, artistic interventions, cultural programs and festivals. She is a co-organizer of festival Kometa in Riga, Latvia, aimed at social innovation in urban settings and co-curator of Kometa Academy - the learning space of the festival. She is also the co-founder of new visions - which is currently designing a learning program rooted in social justice and feminism(s) for women from Eastern Europe working in the arts and cultural sector.

She shares her work on Festival Kometa, a multidisciplinary festival in Riga, founded in 2016 – a collective cultural experience inviting to envision different ways of belonging – to oneself, to others (both human and non-human) and to a space through music, arts, learning and unlearning and engaging in uncomfortable conversations.