3. Berliner Herbstsalon

Organised by Shermin Langhoff with Aljoscha Begrich, Çağla İlk, Erden Kosova, Tunçay Kulaoğlu, Elena Sinanina.

At the Maxim Gorki Theatre we've been working for over four seasons on negotiating ourselves out of simplifications, attributions and categorisations, and on building up new narratives. This November we're presenting the third edition of the Berliner Herbstsalon, featuring art, theatre, performance and discourse in the city centre: from the Brandenburg Gate through the Kronzprinzenpalais to the Palais am Festungsgraben and in the GORKI itself. Under the title De-Integrate Yourselves! the 3. Berliner Herbstsalon has gathered together works from around 100 visual and performing artists who take a critical approach to the construction of identity and unity.