Henrike Naumann


Das Reich

2017, Installation

The signing of the agreement between the FRG and the GDR in the Kronprinzenpalais banquet hall is one of the incidents that the so-called Reichsbürgerbewegung use to question the existence of the Federal Republic: according to their logic, a peace treaty should have had to be negotiated, as specified in the Basic Law in 1949. Therefore, for them, the German Empire still exists, they perceive themselves to be a threatened indigenous people in a occupied country and are hoarding weapons
in anticipation of their struggle for existence. Henrike Naumann has constructed a dystopian space somewhere between a provisional imperial seat of government and a place of worship similar to the Stonehenge. Visitors physically enter into a world view, in which nationalist conspiracy theories connect to personal fates and the fractures in German history.

Artist Talk on 16/Novembre

Henrike Naumann, born 1984 in Zwickau, GDR, is based in Berlin. Her works have been featured in international exhibitions including the Ghetto Biennale, Port-au-Prince (2015) and NEST, Den Haag (2015) and Galerie Wedding, Berlin (2016).