Hans-Werner Kroesinger/Regine Dura


Ortstermin - Die Rettende Insel

Docufictive tour about the history of the camp Marienfelde, 2015

Berlin. Refugees everywhere: in September 53 refugees centres exist with approximately 20.000 places, and in summer of the following year there are almost 90 centres with 35.500 places. But it is still not enough. A snapshot of the present? Not at all. In spring 1953 the Marienfelde central transit camp was set up, an initial reception centre for refugees from East Germany; in the 1990s, Russians of German descent were housed here; and once again today, it provides accommodation for refugees—this time from all over the world. Hans-Werner Kroesinger and Regine Dura are inviting to a historical site visit.

With: Ruth Reinecke, Falilou Seck and Aram Tafreshian

Hans-Werner Kroesinger, born 1962 in Bonn, works as a playwright and director. At the Maxim Gorki Theater, Kroesinger staged Musa Dagh—Tage des Widerstands and
developed other performances for the Berliner Herbstsalon (2013) and the History Campus 14/14 (2014).

Regine Dura, director/author a. o. WHITE BLOOD, documentary, ZDF /arte, radio feature WDR . Since 2000, collaboration on dramaturgy and research with Hans-Werner Kroesinger.