Sebastian Nübling


In unserem Namen

After Die Schutzflehenden by Aischylos and Die Schutzbefohlenen by Elfriede Jelinek

Affected by the refugees' political protests in Austria, Elfriede Jelinek wrote 2013's Die Schutzbefohlenen (The Supplicants) based on Aeschylus’ tragedy The Suppliants. A furious text emerged, poignantly formulating the tragic situation of those who flee: »We live, we live. And it is also not much more than life, after leaving the divine homeland«. In his choral-theatrical staging, Sebastian Nübling connects Jelinek’s text with the ancient original and contrasts it with the political language of our time. Who speaks and what takes place in our name? A multi-lingual ensemble brings these and other questions into the democratic space of the old Singakademie. Daily. With an open ending.

Director Sebastian Nübling
Stage Magda Willi
Costumes Ursula Leuenberger
Music Director Lars Wittershagen
DramaturgeLudwig Haugk
With Maryam Abu Khaled, Ayham Majid Agha, Tamer Arslan, Elmira Bahrami, Vernesa Berbo, Karim Daoud, Anastasia Gubareva, Mateja Meded Cynthia Micas, Orit Nahmias, Tim Porath, Dimitrij Schaad, Hasan Taşgın, Thomas Wodianka, Mehmet Yılmaz

Sebastian Nübling was born in Lörrach in 1960 and currently lives in Oberhausen. He studied Cultural Studies at the University of Hildesheim, where he subsequently taught as a lecturer and, together with other independent artists, founded the group Theater Mahagoni. He caused a sensation on a national level in 2001 with his staging of the hooligan drama I Furiosi at the Staatstheater Stuttgart. In 2002 Nübling was invited to Berlin's Theatertreffen festival for the first time with his production of Henrik Ibsen's John Gabriel Borkman in Basel and was also chosen as “young director of the year” by Theater heute magazine. Since then international festivals have regularly shown his works, most recently Three Kingdoms and Orpheus Descending. Nübling has been an in-house director at the Gorki since the 2013/14 season. Here he presented his world premiere staging of Es sagt mir nichts, das sogenannte Draußen (The So-Called Outside Means Nothing to Me) by Sibylle Berg, which was chosen as "play of the year for 2014" by Theater heute magazine. To open the 2014/15 season, he developed the dance theatre piece FALLEN with choreographer Iwes Thuwis. Der Untergang der Nibelungen - The Beauty of Revenge (The Nibelungen's Downfall - The Beauty of Revenge) is his third production at Gorki.