Mirko Borscht


The inbetween Speech

2015, Performance

Mirko Borscht’s contribution resembles an experiment: a table, two chairs, two people. Two people who (might) have a great deal to say to each other, but neither understands the language of the other. In this respect, their two dogs have an easier time because they do not need to speak German. They just sniff at each other. So their owners copy them and try to understand what the other wants, or doesn’t want. And why neither of them can come unstuck although both want to.

With: Alexander Kluth and Mohammad Khalkhalian and their dogs

Mirko Borscht, born 1971 in Cottbus, lives and works in Berlin. In 2005 he made the feature film Kombat Sechzehn and in 2007 the stage piece Opferpopp for the Thalia Theater Halle. Subsequently he worked at the Centraltheater Leipzig, the Junges Schauspiel Hannover, Theater Bremen and the Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin.