Maria Walcher


Trasite: Welcome

2014, Sculpture

Near the Bodemuseum, Maria Walcher shows two sculptures lying in the water that look as though they have been washed ashore. The work’s title Trasite is the equivalent of »Welcome« in Calabrese dialect, which is also spoken in Riace, a village in southern Italy. This place is well-known for the Riace bronzes—two Greek statues found off the village coast in 1972—and also for the project, Città Futura, which was created in 1998 when a boat with 200 Kurdish people was stranded in the same spot, and the village decided to fight against its decline and depopulation by warmly welcoming the refugees.

Maria Walcher, born 1984 in Brixen, Italy, lives and works in Innsbruck. Her often sitespecific works have been shown among others in the Charlama Depot, Sarajevo (2011), Die Färberei, Munich (2011), Kunstfest Weimar (2014) and Quartaire Contemporary Art Initiatives, Den Haag (2014).