Leon Kahane


Afrique Citoyenne No .13, Aventure Mortelle and Frontex

2013, Installation and 2009, series of photographies

Leon Kahane combines two photographic bodies of work. On one side Afrique Citoyenne No.13, an exact reproduction of a comic edited by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Senegal, which aims to educate people on the dangers of immigration to Europe. The comic reflects a perspective that draws on post-colonial argumentation and imagery, and distorts political reality. The artist contrasts this work with a selection of photographs that were taken in the Frontex headquarters in Warsaw and depicts the bureaucratic-institutional apparatus behind European migration policies and controls.

Leon Kahane, born 1985 in Berlin, lives and works in Berlin. Numerous exhibitions of his video and photographic works, among others in the nGbK, Berlin (2012), the Museum für Photographie, Berlin (2013), the Belgrade City Museum (2014), Kunsthalle Wien (2015) and the 6th Moscow Biennale (2015).