Paradise Mastaz

2015, Gastspiel / Music-Performance with dolls

In Paradise Mastaz off-the-wall foam puppets perform as European tourists and wooden marionettes of West African design as protagonists of migration. Despite their dissimilar routes, they are all in search of an ominous paradise and get entangled in the mutual fight between prejudices and projections. Hajusom pulls the strings and shows with relish who the true masters of paradise are, and how wirepullers are built up and knocked down in the global game of power.

Von Hajusom / Yaya Coulibaly / Viktor Marek & Knarf Rellöm

Hajusom was founded in 1999 as a transnational art project. Its collective work is practiced contrary to cultural and political dominance. Hajusom’s
pieces, which are performed nationwide in Germany, are co-produced by Kampnagel Hamburg among others and have received numerous awards.