Heiner Müller Spezial: »Müllers Kapital«

Texte von Heiner Müller

»And now, in view of the growing and overcrowded zones of poverty that are closing in, the wealthy countries are saying ›There’s not enough for everyone‹; This is what leads to selection.« Heiner Müller formulated the above in 1994/95, and it’s now more relevant than ever. In this spirit, the Suhrkamp publishing house released a collection of Müller’s more and less well-known texts on capitalism in 2017, edited by Helen Müller and Clemens Pornschlegel, in collaboration with Brigitte Maria Meyer. Many of the texts gathered in this volume continue to reveal illuminating, de-integrating perspectives on »what’s happening«. With and through Müller’s material, collektive temporaire recalls past and present movements of time and capital in a performative reading.


24/November, 21:30