Selma Selman


I pissed on your land

2017, Photography

Selma Selman’s photo series shows the artist in the process of relieving herself, as the title suggests. But the meadow she’s squatting on is no ordinary one, it’s the former Adolf-Hitler-Platz in Weimar. Through this connection she draws attention to the genocide of the Roma during National Socialism and its delayed recognition. In the background of the images is visible the former Gauforum Weimar, which is now used by Thuringia’s state government. The Gauforum was part of a plan developed by Adolf Hitler to redesign German cities. In 2005, the Weimar Atrium shopping centre was built out of the former hall of the national community.

You have no idea

2016, Video und Performance

Selma Selman repeats the sentence »You have no idea« until she can no longer speak from exhaustion. The longer one listens to this truth, the more manifold the exclamation’s references and actions become. Who has the right to speak, who has what kind of or no idea, and why? Identity is more diverse and complex than an image. In the repetition of this sentence, Selman de-integrates herself from any outside view to make room for her own (re)presentation.

Vor dem Gorki, 11/ November, ab 17 Uhr

Selma Selman, born in 1991 in Bihac. Selmans works were shown internationally a.o. Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin (2016) and acb Gallery, Budapest (2017). Solo shows agnès b. Galerie Boutique, New York (2017), Galerie Schleifmühlgasse 12–14, Vienna (2016). She is currently pursuing her MFA at Syracuse University, NY, where she is also teaching art.