Kınay Olcaytu


Okzidentalism-Institute, Sechs-Ismen

2009, Sculptures

For Kınay Olcaytu, collage is a method for dialectical thinking: through the connection of objects collected from everyday life, astonishing constellations emerge that open up new spaces for thought. Raised in Turkey, Olcaytu turns her eye for detail to her German environment, creating tableaux out of subjective elements which connect found objects with each other in a new context. The uncomfortable relations, violent breaks, and ironic short-circuits emanating from her work undermine the objectivity of prescribed tradition of knowledge, in favour of a subjective, archaeological history.

Kınay Olcaytu, born 1977 in Izmir, is based in Berlin. She is the head of the Occidentalism Institute. Olcaytus works have been exhibited in Kunsthalle Mannheim (2017), Circus Biennale Charivari, Berlin (2014), Kunstverein Glückstadt (2009) and Cer Modern, Ankara (2012).