Labor Desintegration

Клуб Активистки

In November 2016 the Junge Rat (youth council) convened to save Berlin. Or the theatre. Or the world? After journeying through the Gorki for their research, the youth council heads into in the de-integration laboratory to investigate the question “Is another world possible?” through five experiments. Visitors are invited to come to the Club of Activists and participate in the laboratories.

Direction: Max Czollek & Esra Kücük

Experimental Lab 1: „So that we don’t touch the clouds” – Sound- and videoinstallation
Experimental Lab 2: The Mass that speaks – physical-acoustic lab
Experimental Lab 3: The Writing Workshop – Lecture of participants
Experimental Lab 4: Questions about Utopia - Videoperformance
Experimental Lab 5: Workshop Discussion on the De-integration Laboratory